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[INSPIRATIONAL] The Consideration Of Your Future


As you sit on the side of transition, and as you contemplate what is yet to transpire in your distant future, along with the events soon to take place in your immediate future, do not allow the fears of what might be to cloud your judgment or your hearing. Do not look to the circumstances or the reality before your eyes to inspire doubt, fear, or uncertainty regarding my plans for you, or the call upon your life. But know, even all these things you see, as well as all the things you have not seen, considered, nor perceived, have all been considered and taken into account already. For you are my workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which I have already prepared in advance for you to do. (1)

So know and remember all these things are a surprise and mystery to you, but they are not to me. All these things seem difficult, painful, and costly to you, but they are not to me. All these things seem as though they will overpower you, overtake you, and overshadow you, but they will not with me. So do not look to the horizon as events continue to unfold, or to your circumstances as pressures continue to mount, but look to me. Do not lean on your own understanding, but listen to what I have set before you and placed within you. Allow me to speak life to what is birthing and emerging as you walk with me in faith, hope, and courage day by day, even minute by minute. (2)

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Do not waver between multiple paths, opinions, or options, but remain resolute even in spite of resistance, persecution, or difficulty. You will find this testing develops perseverance, so you will become even more mature and complete, and will lack nothing. You will find all of these things will yield good fruit in your life, and will inspire you to go deeper, rather than to shrink back. (3)

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So as you consider the outcome of your future, and consider what will happen as you follow my voice, contrast it against what will happen if you don’t. Consider the risk of obedience, but also its reward. Consider what it may cost you, but also what you will gain. Consider the source and inspiration of these notions, but also my heart, love, and intentions behind them all. (4)

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