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[INSPIRATIONAL] I Will Guide You Despite Your Resistance


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You will see it come to pass, the full satisfaction of not only your heart’s desires but also mine. You will see the fruition of everything I have set into motion, and the culmination of all the words, inklings, hints, and foreshadowing you have observed over the years. All the pieces will be assembled, and you will see and understand what you previously were unable to. You will understand the move of my hand, as well as the timing of execution, not only in your life, but throughout the Earth as well. (1)

There is coming a time when the questions you hold before your eyes presently will melt away in contrast to what is vastly more important. The silliness and triviality of the diversions and preoccupations that occupy your attention, and keep you impotent, will melt away as you begin to observe the heat of my spirit as my light penetrates into the milieu of day.

And while this will be a welcome advance in terms of the fruit it will bear, it will not be welcome in terms of the pangs of birth coming first. It will be most unpleasant and distasteful, for you have become set on preferring comfort over truth. You have bent your ear to hear what you want to hear, rather than adjusting your pallet to what you need to hear. You have chosen false comfort in place of honest correction, and because of this you have no taste for reality, no taste for truth, no taste to discern what is right or which direction to go.

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You have lost your compass and sense of direction because you have willfully intoxicated yourself on the wine of popularity and fashion. You have selected the fashion of acceptance, along with all the fruit it bears and as a result cannot distinguish between right and wrong, good or evil.

So understand as I begin, and continue, to manifest adjustment in your heart and in your culture, you will not enjoy it initially. As I apply pressures of guidance, designed to adjust your course and prevent imminent disaster, you will resist and buck against me. You will not perceive it to be correction unto life, but will perceive it as a pestilence unto death.

But because of my great love for you, and because of my great power, and my great wisdom, I will adjust your course nevertheless. Because I can, I will adjust your trajectory so you will not die. I will adjust your errors, even against your approval or cooperation, and will prevent final disaster from harming you. I will rescue you from the mouth of death, and will prevent you from the self-sabotage you seem so intent to commit. I will save you from the foolishness and folly of your own ways, and will stand in the gap during the interim period of adjustment. (2)

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So understand as you see the tides of the day begin to shift and your stomach begins to turn, the tide you are resisting is my hand. You have fallen in love with the idea of me, but have not come to know me. You have preferred the voice and silhouette of love, but without its substance or convention. So as my light penetrates into the darkness, know your eyes will need to adjust. Know the fashion of the day will proclaim to you the opposite of what you need to hear. Know the light of my correction will guide you to the liberation you need, but will seem offensive to you.

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Dismantle this criticism and do not resist me, for I have set before you life and death, and am helping you though you do not recognize it as such. I am assisting you, protecting you, and guiding you, though you do not always see it, and even though you resist me. Walk with me, and do not continue to resist the adjustment of this day, for as I make motions in your life, you will see how they will be good. You will see how my adjustments and corrections will bless you, as I remove the debris, and alter your direction steering you away from calamity, and towards a greater, more abundant life. (3)

(1) Romans 8:28, 1 Corinthians 13:12
(2) Romans 8:34
(3) Deuteronomy 30:15-19

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