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Episode 1

GOD’S LOVE: A One Time Unique Gift That Transformed My Life!

Author – Innocent Josh

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13

Living my life has been that I found very much pretty funny as how things just turned around. Though many a times, I feel this is a dream but I felt the reality so sure.

It all started when I turned 8, life then was so sweet as I had the loving arms of my parent, I felt so pumped with love and I got everything I needed.

The wings of my ever ready parent treated me with utmost care and I was transacted to the knowledge of life being easy at all times.

Until the storm struck, during a Christmas holiday, Me, Mum and Dad, were traveling to the village to see grandpa because we only visited him last when I was age 3.

Going there to see grandpa was a supposed dream come true for me because I am going to sit down at his feet and listen to old fables and tales as my teacher always told us that the old tales of tortoise and other wild animals can have an ideal if illustrated by our older parents.

So I bought into the idea and had the glean to do just that, so visiting grandpa was my fulfillment.

As we were on our way, the untold happened, the rare nightmare took place as we were told in the hospital that our car crash under a truck.

I couldn’t regain consciousness until about 10 days later as narrated by the nurses. I rarely eat nor even think normal.

All I understood then was that people I don’t know came to visit me and told words like ‘you will be fine’, ‘you will get well soon’, ‘sorry for this poor baby!’

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I got the highest shock of my life when they told me that dad passed on immediately after the clash and that mum which came along with me to the hospital also kicked the bucket two days ago.

I cried like the world has come to an end. Seeing my little self in the light of loosing my lovely angels was a vacuum created in which no one can ever stitch nor fill.

Everyday passed by like a black day, it dimmed as if the whole world was against me: how can I loose two precious things in my life in a moment and so easily and at a time I really need them.

I was so disappointed that I couldn’t look on God. I started building animosity with God, it even transfered and affected my relationship with others, because I only felt the world is wicked.

‘God is cruel’, He’s wicked, if He’s not, why will I go through this pain. Why must He allow my parent to pass on so early.

I grew up with that mentality and I got to live a lifestyle that portrays hard hatred for God and humanity.

At my early age,  I started indulging in all nonchalant activities. I breed my lifestyle with friends that taught me how to steal from grandpa.


My start was scaring for me but as time proceeds, I became perfect and intelligent in it.

At early 14, I have already started smoking cigarettes and Indian helm. I couldn’t continue in college because of my immoral and nonchalant activities.

My teachers couldn’t bear my disrespectful attitude, stealing from my classmates, always skipping  classes and even committing immorality with some of my classmates.

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I knew that the harassment I meted on my fellow students will make my teachers uncomfortable and as such, they have to disturb my life.

At 16, I left college and home altogether, I have to associate myself with people with like passion and attitude as I do.

I grow in my nonchalantness and involved in my first operation of robbery when I turned 18, me and my gang used hard objects like, cutlass, knives and other instruments to harass our victims before coveting their belongings to ours.

This we did for a long time and lived on them. As we grow, we have to form alliance with some corrupt security agencies who gave us their guns and we used it for robbery after which we give them their own share.

One of our brutal attack led to the dead of several students in a school bus conveying kids for recreational activities.
This happened when a bus we were trying to operate in ran into the high way and both buses collided and much lives were injured and some passed on.

During my twenties, I already had cars and other valuables which made my life way worldly fulfilled.

To cut everything short, our pursuit met its greatest nightmare when on one operation in the day time at a popular highway.

We didn’t knew that one of us has betrayed us by alerting the police about our operation. We weren’t successful that day, I lost almost all of my gang to death courtesy to the shooting battle we engaged with the police. All of my men were shot right before my eyes. I narrowly escaped with bullets bugged all over my body, but was latter caught up when the police raided my area the following week base on information.

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I knew that my end has come, there’s no way to believe or call God. I have hated Him right from my tender age, in fact I don’t believe in Him. He doesn’t know my existence. He took away my parent that led me to this life, so why will I even call His attention? I was ready to pass on as my parent did many years ago.

I remember them talking about hell once a time, in short, I don’t believe God, how can I believe what He says. My heart was as stony as anything hard.

I was later charged to court and since I have been known as being notorious, there was no advocate that can stand as my lawyer to my defense.

I managed to get one but almost all my ill-acquired wealth has to go for it. The case went so hard that I was sentenced to death because of my atrocities.

I knew that was going to come but for the first time ever, I was afraid of death. How come? I have seen blood, killed with my hands, met death and not been touched by that, why all of a sudden am I afraid to die?

I was so disturbed and I lost all hope, I tried all needed to avert the judgment but it stood strong.

I was swallowed up in pains that led to depression as the days passed by. I have met my dilemma, what am I going to do? Is this my end? So was I gonna die?… [To Be Continued].

Episode Two Loading…! It will tell of the prison experience and and what really happened! Keep your eyes close!

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