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[GHITS SONG REVIEW] Prospa Ochimana — Ekwueme [Feat. Osinachi Nwachukwu] by Innocent Josh || @Prospaochimana



All the way from the eastern part of the nation’s dialect, comes this prolific piece pierced together and delivered by two phenomenal pointed and efficient ministers Prospa Ochimana and Osinachi Nwachukwu. The song may not depict our recent draft of taste but it does a magnificent infilled with an excellent portraying of our God in the lyrical ascension. It does shows that traditionally worship of our God still avails much in the incurring capability to launch us into the spirit realm.


Dating back from the inception of the western style of worship, it tends to have build up our mind that this vocal delivery of worship to our God in our own dialect has seemed to shaded away for sometime now. It’s like as time evolves, some aspect of our styles should be changed to make it captivating and rhyme with the sounds of the recent time.

But with the release of this gospel dude tract #Ekwueme, it teases off the build up mindset of the western style, still setting the record that true worship can still be spontaneous using our local dialects as a tool for expressing the greatness of God.

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Prospa Ochimana

His vocal acceleration shades with the emotional and continental drift into the spirit mood and laying it soft from the start is a special momentum that catches both the listener and the singer into the bid of divine worship. His soprano fixed tune led the audience yawn for more. Thousands has to go on their knees as the lyric which is the auto correspondent with the listening avidity is still reigning accurately. From the thoughts he posed, everyone get caught as to sing along with the next line which seemed too familiar to scale through. It was a special rhythm that thought us to a mix of our local Igbo with the English which still reflects the Supreme nature of our God to ascend higher. He’s such a good sound holder, Prospa worked through the piano into the lectures of the base and the alternatives of the enlightening instruments. For his short but magnified lyrics, he did deliver as he always brought back the hint break behind the tune all across the audience which is still #EKWUEME.

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Osinachi Nwachukwu

Her breaking into the match up time when the audience is left at no option but to expect more of the worship impact, she delivered a music orthopedic synergy which made her mix the expectations of the audience to the highlight of an exciting worship. Her vocal delivery was so intense at first before her homophonic perception which led the tune into more liveliness. The vibrant vocal at this time capitalized the whole thought and buzz a straight line of engagement with the listeners, everyone is drawn to what to expect next and to their beam, it can’t be hold but unleashes the spirit into the worshiper with an excellent discovery of supernatural endowing which holds all alight. At this point, no one needs any explanations but deep down to embrace the tune with utter opening for more. Her finishing after the raise up was so phenomenal so as to liberate her audience with more caption and inspirational package of excitement.

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With the lead artiste cutting in again, the evident style is still on highlight as the instruments behold a transformative dusk. The tune runs into the blood and spirit which then leaves the recipient to ask for more as the clear delivery was cogent enough to bring all to its knees. Jesus Christ was magnified in Ekwueme.


Thanks to Prospa Ochimana and mama Osinachi Nwachukwu for taking the steps to be used unto this melodious edification of the body of Christ. More still coming.

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