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From Part-Time Jobs to $20,000 a Month Income | Today on The 700 Club


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September 21, 2018
From Part-Time Jobs to $20,000 a Month Income

When Jamal lost his job, he had to work part-time jobs and still couldn’t provide for his family. Then a financial challenge and a step of faith turned into an amazing monthly income. Are you up for the challenge?

Operation Blessing Helps Disabled Couple Affected by Florence

Operation Blessing helps disabled couple living in a rented house in New Bern, North Carolina, clear damaged furniture and belongings out of their house.

hi601_si.jpg Would David Ever Walk?

Little David had never walked because he was born with clubfoot. His mom carried him everywhere, even to work. She worried about his future and prayed constantly that God would help her son walk. See how this mother’s prayer was answered in Tanzania, east Africa.

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So don’t be too good or too wise! Why destroy yourself?

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Are You Over-Righteous?

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lead608_cluba_si.jpg Husband Shocked by His Wife’s Investment

Shane and Heather’s credit card spending got out of hand. They got to a point where they struggled just to have money for gas to get to work. Heather started investing money in a way that saw immediate and long-term results. See what happened.

lead606_a_si.jpg Stressed to Blessed! $200,000 in School Debt to Peace and Provision

By the time Fallon earned her master’s degree in accounting she had over $200,000 in loans and was sick with stress. Then she took a financial challenge and her life changed dramatically.

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screen_shot_2018-09-14_at_11.05.16_am.png Can You Be a DVD Missionary?

Pat in North Carolina has a grandson who is a “Bible expert” because of all the Superbook episodes she has shown him. Now she calls herself a “DVD missionary,” sharing Superbook stories whenever she can. Join the Superbook Club today and become a missionary to those you love.

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