[MUSIC PREMIERE] Adeola Oluwole – My Desire (Prod. By Mr. Sola Soetan)


Gospel music minister Adeola Oluwole kicks off her music ministry with the release of ‘My Desire’ a tune inspired by a longing to being the person God wants us to be.

According to the artiste; ‘It felt like an hunger I truly wanted to satisfy but was taking a long time. Due to the challenges along the line, it was almost looking impossible (Just like Joseph).

Then I prayed God should hold me strong so that I don’t fall out of his plans for my life.
Then I was greatly motivated by Joseph and his achievements.
I pray your life receives the motivation and inspiration
It needs to hold on so that God can have his way in your life. That’s my desire.’

My Desire is produced by Mr. Sola Soetan.


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Lyrics: My Desire by Adeola Oluwole


Each day I think
Thinking about where I ought to be
It feels like a thousand miles away
I feel the pain, far more than the gain
I hope I don’t, end up in disdain

Oh God, please hold me strong
So that, I’ll stand where I belong
Let my heart be fixed on you
So the world may know that I have you

Verse 2:
I know your ways
Are far more than my ways
I hope I don’t, walk out of your plans

Lord I know, that you have
So much in store for me
In my heart, I do pray
That I don’t give up

I do believe, strongly in you yeah
You’ll fight my battles
And give me victory yeah
I’ll wear the garment
And crown of glory
You make shine
Just like the stars

Brief Bio:

Adeola Oluwole is the first child of her parents. She’s currently studying at yaba college of technology with her HND in view.
She’s a lover of Christ, a song writer, a minister in songs and other talents attached

She desires to attain greater heights through music as she sees it as means to liberate lives, which is the purpose of her God given talent.


  1. @Adeola-Oluwole… Congratulations to you dear. Your song is so cool. God grant you more grace. Indeed!!! The sky is your starting point 😉

  2. God help us o🙇🏻‍♀️, this song is really expressive and connecting. Thank you for allowing this expression through you.

  3. My Desire is a indeed a wonderful inspiration and it’s not like someone trying to be a copycat. God bless you Adeola stay focused and I believe there is something greater coming from you.


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