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[BLOG] Ten Powerful Ways To Begin Your 2020 And Achieve Success By Nuel Ukah




Many people always have new year resolutions which they keep repeating over and over again every year without achieving anyone. The below points may not be the best point, but they are effective ways to begin your new year…

1. Begin with Praise and Thanksgiving!

It has become a culture or religious practice, especially in Nigeria, to begin a new year with fasting and prayer. It’s good, but there is a better way to begin the new year. Why not begin with praising and thanking God for the previous year and for the new year? Praise Him for who He is to you, personally; thank Him for all He did the previous year, and all He’s going to do this new year.

2. Know Thyself!

This is Plato’s popular saying, “Oh, man! Know thyself.” Many of us just write new year resolutions and begin the year without direction and commitment. Hence, we forget the new year resolutions and deviate as usual. Know yourself. Who are you? Why are you where you are now? Did you succeed or fail the previous year? In which areas? Why did you succeed or fail in those areas? Did you achieve your set goals the previous year? Ask yourself questions and answer them.

3. Gain Clarity of Purpose

You then decide what you want to achieve this new year and stay committed to it. You need to be convicted of this. Without conviction, you will fail again and again and again…

4. Keep it Simple!

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Many people want to achieve many things in one year. Come on, now! Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound). Just look at a prevailing problem and think critically about solving it. You could even solve a problem with the aim of making legal profits (business). Or check for a core achievement and draw out a plan to maintain it. I usually suggest setting one dominant goal for the new year and breaking down that overall goal to daily or weekly objectives (things you do bit by bit that sum up to the overall goal). If you achieve that goal before the year runs out, then you can set another goal and objectives. Just keep it simple. Focus on one thing.

5. Stay in Your Lane!

Don’t try to do what others are doing. Even if what you are doing doesn’t seem to work, check your process and make corrections where necessary. This is why conviction is necessary. When you are so sure that this is what you ought to do, you won’t deviate, no matter the ups and downs. That doesn’t mean you should be rigid, though. Your plans must be flexible and sensible. You are not in competition with anybody but yourself. So win the race over yourself.

6. Enlarge Your Capacity!

Don’t aim for the same thing every year. Be dynamic. Aim for something different but unique to your purpose. Be committed to your personal development. Know more about your field. Be updated. Don’t get tired of increasing and enriching your knowledge base. Determine to not be at the same level you were, but climb higher, and be committed to your success.


7. Spend Less Time with People, More Time with Yourself, and Much Time with God!

Many of you have celebrities on social media, and you wonder why they hardly respond to your messages or seldom come online. It is because they know a secret you don’t know. They spend less time with people. Men that shine are not always around people. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t socialize. But you can hardly think creatively when discussing with people. However, be intentional when you socialize. Most especially, socialize with people who are succeeding in your field. Most importantly, fellowship with God through the Holy Spirit. This is where the secrets and mysteries of life are revealed.

8. Sift Your Friends!

I remember back in then, several years ago, from 2go to BBM, Qeep, Facebook, Twitter, almost all the social media, I was making new friends and exchanging contacts… Until one day, I checked and saw my contacts were over 3,000. What?! I was like, “I have 3,000 contacts and my life is like this…” LOL. I made up my mind to clean up my contacts the next year, and I did that. My contacts reduced to about 1,000 and some numbers. In fact, I stopped exchanging numbers freely. You don’t need some people you think you need. Some friends you hold so dear in heart may not care about you. They don’t even have your number, and even if they do, you are not important to them. So, sift your friends and categorize them appropriately. Whether you believe it or not, your friends influence some aspects of your life you are unaware of.

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9. Monitor and Evaluate Your Plan!

As said earlier, don’t be rigid, be flexible. Ensure that your core daily decisions are in line with your plan. Be conscious and intentional.

10. Rest! Rest!! Rest!!!

Nigerians think rest is for lazy people. So when we are young, we spend HEALTH to get WEALTH, and at old age, we spend the WEALTH we gathered to get the HEALTH we bartered. Work and rest. At a young age, we work more and restless. But as we grow older, we work less and rest more. Some scholars say if you sleep for 8 hours every day, you are wasting your life. But I ask one simple question, “The 16 or more hours you spend awake every day, what did you achieve with them?” Some people spend about 9 hours in the office (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). Have you ever calculated the exact time you work? Perhaps out of those 9 hours, the total sum of time you work maybe 4 hours. The other 5 hours were spent sitting behind a table doing nothing, wasting time gisting, gossiping, or chatting. So for the fact that you are awake, employed, working for 24 hours and earning a good salary does not mean you are productively utilizing your potentials and fulfilling purpose.

Pause and THINK!

Work and REST!!


Written By © Nuel Ukah


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