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[LYRICS] Sitasahau (I Shall not Forget) Lyrics by Amani G.


Sitasahau (I Shall not Forget) Lyrics by Amani G.

(Sung in Swahili)

Nina imani, siku za mateso zitapita (I have faith that troubled days will be over)
Nina imani, siku ya kutoka ghetto, itafika (I have faith that my ghetto days will end)
Nitapata mabawa, nitapaa (I will get wings, I will fly)
Nyota itaangaza, nitang’aa (The star will light, I will shine)
Ninayotamani moyoni, nitapata (I will be granted my heart’s wishes)
No no no no, sitasahau (No no no no, I shall not forget)

Sitasahau, walionishikilia (I shall not forget those who held me)
Sitasahau, walioniombea (I shall not forget those who prayed for me)
Sitasahau, ni Mungu amenitendea (I shall not forget what God has done for me)
Sitasahu, sahau! (I shall not forget) (Repeat)

Nitashare-share (I will share)
Hiyo kidogo sitajiwekea (And shall not keep the little to myself)
Sitalegea-gea kushika mtu mkono (I shall not tarry to hold anyone by the hand)
Na nikiitwa somewhere, kusaidia (If I am called anywhere to help)
Hata kama sina fare, nitatembea (Even if I do not have fare, I shall not walk) (Repeat)


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(Verse 2 + Refrain)


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