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[LYRICS] Psalmist Icon – Break Me || @psalmist_icon

LYRICS:  Psalmist Icon – Break Me
Break me, mold me, use me,
I’m available (x2)
You know me
You know my everything
My life depends on you
Lord I wanna know your heart
I wanna know your ways
I wanna touch your grace
Cos the more I know you
The more I want to know
The more I see you
My life is not the same again
So God
Break me, mold me, use me,
I’m available (x2)
You see me
You see my every weakness
You know my every strength
But you love me
In the midst of trials
You’re always there for me
So God I will love you
Love you forever more
Please God take me
Make me whole again
Yeah eaeeh.
Break me
Break me, mold me, use me,
I’m available (x2) 2x
You are the potter and I am the potters clay
What ever  you please, oh God do with me
You are the fire and I am the sacrifice
What ever you please,  oh God do with me  (repeat it)
My ever present help in time of need
What ever you please oh
What ever you want oh

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