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[ARTICLE] The Misconception About LOVE Among The Young Generation – Amb O’kel Clears The Air



When the term LOVE is mentioned among young peers, it’s so disappointing that the most of understanding of the concept weighs on the tiding behind lust and this has made our society hitch back when the term of morality is scummed. My friend Amb O’kel shares his own light on this issue and rings the bell of towing the right part. Here him!

I’m just going to go ahead and preach this, cos’ I believe our brethren need to hear this preached out loud.
The reason why some church people are not interested in dating or starting a relationship is not because they are afraid of getting hurt, or that they are not ready to accept love from someone else. It is simply because some church folks do not really know how to do love relationships without fornication. This is where the problem is, and this is just a honest truth.
At the mere mention of the word, RELATIONSHIP, in some Christian circles, every average church folk interprets it to look like ‘an opportunity for believers to fornicate’. It is not like keeping a love relationship is a bad thing, it is not like they can find any word of Scripture that out rightly calls it out as sin, not like dating is evil, but a lot of us just assume it’s about sex, no two believers can keep an intimate friendship without the lust of the flesh, not possible, and that is what some of us are afraid of.
Every time you try to talk about love relationships in a fellowship you get that stern look like you have spoken a forbidden word. Church folks want to discus holy things; like speaking in tongues, and quoting scriptures by heart, but when the topic of relationship comes up they don’t want to get involved in the conversation, they don’t even want to be seen talking about it in public, to them is an unholy conversation, because what they see is RELATIONSHIP = SEX!
So, they make up funny excuses to keep from committing into a relationship;
“am waiting on God”
“I am not ready yet”
“I am married to Jesus, Satan leave me alone.”
“I am waiting for Shiloh 2019, not in a hurry”.
The funny thing is, it is not like these folks fear relationships, or that they are not ready to accept a significant other into their lives, the problem is if they do, they’ll keep having this constant consciousness that they are doing wrong in the sight of God. Yea, and this makes them feel guilty that they are not living up to their expectations as a child of God. I mean, God’s word says we shouldn’t hold hands in public with someone we love intimately, right? We shouldn’t be seen sitting a breath apart at the mall. We shouldn’t have special hangouts together at the movies, share a pie at Nandos, chat constantly until one of us falls asleep, right?
No, God’s word doesn’t call this out as sin, but then, that is what they think it is, sin.
Then the part that gets to me the most;
The level of divorce in our society today is higher among very committed church people, than it is among unbelievers. Simply because people in church marry the wrong partners out of the pressure not to live a life of fornication.
We go straight into courtship, which usually doesn’t last pretty long because you know why? We don’t want to take too long holding hands in the park and going to the movies together. Why? Again, it offends God. Because there is so much pressure to not fornicate and offend God, we get married quickly. Oh, what a divine partner from God! But while we have solved one problem of fornication, we create a thousand more problems for ourselves. Problems we could have worked on if we had taken a little more time to learn and understand each other better.
Please beloved, the idea of a love relationship is not centered around sex. There are believers who are being ruled by the Holy Spirit in their dating relationships leading towards marriage. Goldy people who are dead to the lust of the flesh and alive to the outpourings of the Spirit.
Can I get a witness who can raise their hands in the comment section below?
My hands and feet are all up! My best friend and I. Some of us don’t even know what our partner’s panties look like, even when we buy a lot of them for her sometimes as a gift, we don’t take them off, (if you know what I mean) and we don’t care. Dating and never seen each other naked before, not even a glimpse, doesn’t cross the thoughts. Can I get another testifier right here?
This is not to say that we don’t get tempted, but at all times we have to stay focus and committed to our covenant first with God, and then with each other, healthy boundaries helps us get through our ohhh ohhhhhsss moments too. So please, don’t let the fear of fornication cause you to settle down quickly with a partner you haven’t taken the time to learn and understand, apply the brakes, get to know each other first without the pressure of marriage, this is what a relationship is. If you don’t want to call it a relationship You can call it an intimate friendship. The assumption that everyone in a relationship Is having sex is a big fat lie from the pits.
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