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[ARTICLE] The Pathway Of Sons – by Joseph Theophilus



Ah! If your walk in God is accurate, A Time must come when the Holy Ghost will place demands on you in the place of prayer!

Ah.. This moments you will pray like a dying man! And each time you are summoned to the place of prayer, you wouldn’t find sufficient words to articulate your burdens!

These are moments when prayer is not sweet! You don’t pray, prayer points, you release burdens!!! Oh my!! There we days I would just cry!!

Because the intensity of the burdens is that which nothing else can relief except prayer!!

These are moments when you give expression to the will of God over your life!!

The kind of preacher the lord is making me into, is not the type I have always admired!! That summoning to pray is where your will dies!!!

When you stay consistent in these seasons of your life, you will accurately collide with immortals and you will touch a scepter and a throne! Ah! You will be able to will power in the physical!!

The Lord those me to post these.. He said alot of people reading this are be summoned to pray! But they cannot accurately channel that flow of thought to the place of prayer!

When ever you think you need to pray! YOU MUST PRAY!! Because as a believer 85% of your thoughts are actually whispers from eternity and your mind happens to be the gateway to wish these communications are properly articulated!!

Meanwhile these are moments when demons begin to fertile the appetite of your body such as sleep, sex, hunger!! So as to distract you! Ah! When you fall, Just know that you have successfully partner with a spirits to adopt the purposes of God upon the earth system!!

These words are to strengthen you… That your numbered among Sons! Don’t you dare subscribe to weakness!

This is pathway of Sons!!

You’re loved


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