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New Article: I Did It For Jesus

Ah! It was ugly experiences with men, that reduced my frequency of trust and love for men. Not until I met the lord and he began to make me see through the lens of Lord.

Honestly when I hear someone say put yourself in my shoe and you will love me, beloved is a BIG LIE! I have stood in people’s shoe and still saw their stupidity and foolishness!

He met me one day and warned me to stop preaching to his girlfriend that she is denying him sex. He told me that if he notice we are still communicating he would deal with me! This was not just an empty threat, he was a cultist!, feared and brutal! The warning actually came with some slaps…

As he was going I was so angry in tears and I raised my voice, I wanted to curse him! I wanted to say “IF I BE A MAN OF GOD THIS AND THAT!”

I knew I had power to do that!

You see ehn, when the disciples of Jesus asked him if they could call fire, Jesus didn’t question the Power (the ability to do so) he knew they could! He questioned THE SPIRIT! … He said “you do not know what manner of spirit you are made off”


As I said Lord! The Spirit said, Son that guy is having a lungs problem, his father cursed him, and he had slapped his mother, she cursed him too, he is embodied by some spirits that assist him in attracting curses from people! To curse him is to subscribe to the manifestation of that demonic spirit!

i cried even more.. This time the tears were not of anger but of love…

I entered into a fast for his soul… As at the point of writing this post, he is on his way to the university… He has stopped smoking and he is now a gentle and a very responsible young man.

Before you curse, Bless!
Before you curse, Pray!

We are vessels of life, and love.
Step out today, loving someone above their mistakes.. Wear your love lens. 👓

I love you so much…
You’re too loved for words.


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